Sturbridge Country Inn


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Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction Guarantee

We will match or beat a Sturbridge competitor’s price for a similar quality, room type, time frame.

If your booked room “TYPE” is not sold out upon arrival. You have 30 minutes to receive an UNCONDITIONAL REFUND.

If you have an issue in your room that is unrelated to your use; we request 60 minutes to resolve the problem or offer compensation commensurate with how much time you have already used the room.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you have an issue 1 hour before check-out, compensation will be minimal. However, if you have an issue 2 hours after checking in, compensation will be greater.

At all times we will be reasonable with guests who are also reasonable.

Safety And Cleanliness

These two issues are the most important to us. This is a very large and very old building with lots of nooks and crannies. It takes an extra effort on our part to keep up with this property. If we have overlooked something, please advise us and we will correct immediately.

This building is inspected several times a year, every year by ; the Building Inspector, Health Inspector, Fire Inspector. The whole property was upgraded to commercial grade safety requirements including a Fire Alarm panel, Sprinkler system, System smoke Alarms, CO detectors, Fire rated walls, ceilings and doors. This property far exceeds the safety of most “bed and breakfast” properties.